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The OPC UA Types module contains data types and enumerations for OPC UA.

This includes:

  1. All of the built-in data types described in OPC Part 6 Chapter 5 that are encodable.
  2. All of the standard data types described in OPC Part 3 Chapter 8 (if not covered by 1.).
  3. Autogenerated data types and request / responses as described in OPC Part 4.

For the built-in data types, the module provides functions


pub use crate::encoding::*;
pub use crate::basic_types::*;
pub use crate::localized_text::*;
pub use crate::qualified_name::*;
pub use crate::string::*;
pub use crate::extension_object::*;
pub use crate::byte_string::*;
pub use crate::data_value::*;
pub use crate::diagnostic_info::*;
pub use crate::date_time::*;
pub use crate::guid::*;
pub use crate::node_id::*;
pub use crate::node_ids::*;
pub use crate::variant::*;
pub use crate::array::*;
pub use crate::data_types::*;
pub use crate::attribute::*;
pub use crate::service_types::*;
pub use crate::numeric_range::*;
pub use crate::argument::*;
pub use crate::operand::*;
pub use crate::request_header::*;
pub use crate::response_header::*;


Contains definitions of the simple OPC UA scalar types.

Contains the implementation of ByteString.

Contains the implementation of DataValue.

Contains the implementation of DataTime.

Contains the implementation of DiagnosticInfo.

Contains the BinaryEncoder trait and helpers for reading and writing of scalar values and other primitives.

Contains the implementation of ExtensionObject.

Contains the implementation of Guid.

Contains the definition of LocalizedText.

Contains the implementation of NodeId and ExpandedNodeId.

Contains the implementation of NumericRange.

Contains constants recognized by OPC UA clients and servers to describe various protocols and profiles used during communication and encryption.

Contains the definition of QualifiedName.

Contains functions used for making relative paths from / to strings, as per OPC UA Part 4, Appendix A

Contains the hand implemented part of the StatusCode type. The other file, contains the machine generated part.

Contains the implementation of UAString.

Contains the implementation of Variant.