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Crypto related functionality. It is used for establishing trust between a client and server via certificate exchange and validation. It also used for encrypting / decrypting messages and signing messages.


pub use aeskey::*;
pub use certificate_store::*;
pub use hash::*;
pub use pkey::*;
pub use security_policy::*;
pub use thumbprint::*;
pub use user_identity::*;
pub use x509::*;


Symmetric encryption / decryption wrapper.

The certificate store holds and retrieves private keys and certificates from disk. It is responsible for checking certificates supplied by the remote end to see if they are valid and trusted or not.

Hashing functions used for producing and verifying digital signatures

Asymmetric encryption / decryption, signing / verification wrapper.

Module contains functions for creating cryptographically strong random bytes.

Security policy is the symmetric, asymmetric encryption / decryption + signing / verification algorithms to use and enforce for the current session.

Functionality for holding a message digest.

Functions related to encrypting / decrypting passwords in a UserNameIdentityToken.



Creates a SignatureData object by signing the supplied certificate and nonce with a pkey

Returns this computer’s hostname

Verifies that the supplied signature data was produced by the signing cert. The contained cert and nonce are supplied so the signature can be verified against the expected data.