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The OPC UA Core module holds functionality that is common to server and clients that make use of OPC UA. It contains message chunking, cryptography / pki, communications and standard handshake messages.


Contains all code related to sending / receiving messages from a transport and turning those messages into and out of chunks.

This type and the use of it is adapted from an answer on this discussion.

Contains debugging utility helper functions

Contains most of the things that are typically required from a client / server.


See register_runtime_component

This macro is for debugging purposes - code register a running component (e.g. tokio task) when it starts and calls the corresponding deregister macro when it finishes. This enables the code to print out a list of components in existence at any time to ensure they were properly cleaned up.

Returns a vector of all currently existing runtime components as a vector of strings.

Tracing macro for obtaining a lock on a Mutex.

Tracing macro for obtaining a read lock on a RwLock.

Tracing macro for obtaining a write lock on a RwLock.