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Create a color palette from an image using k-means clustering in the Oklab color space.

This library is a simple wrapper around the quantette crate but only exposes functionality for generating color palettes. Additionally, this crate adds a few additional options not present in quantette.


This crate has two features that are enabled by default:


To start, create an Okolors from a RgbImage (note that the image feature is needed):

let img = image::open("some image")?.into_rgb8();
let palette_builder = Okolors::try_from(&img)?;

Instead of an RgbImage, a slice of Srgb<u8> colors can be used instead:

let srgb = vec![Srgb::new(0, 0, 0)];
let palette_builder = Okolors::try_from(srgb.as_slice())?;

If the default options aren’t to your liking, you can tweak them:

let palette_builder = Okolors::try_from(&img)?
    .parallel(true) // this option requires the `threads` feature

To finally generate the palette, use:

For example:

let palette = palette_builder.srgb8_palette();

To clarify, the Oklab colorspace is used to quantize the colors in all cases. The methods above just determine what colorspace you want the final colors converted into.

All of the color types present in the public API for this crate (like Srgb or Oklab are from the palette crate. You can check it out for more information. For example, its documentation should provide you everything you need to know to cast a Vec<Srgb<u8>> into a Vec<[u8; 3]>.



  • An error type for when the length of an input (e.g., Vec or slice) is above the maximum supported value.
  • A simple new type wrapper around &'a [Color] with the invariant that the length of the inner slice must not be greater than MAX_PIXELS.
  • A builder struct to specify options for palette generation.
  • This type is used to specify the (maximum) number of colors to include in a palette.


  • The maximum supported number of palette colors is 256.
  • The maximum supported image size in number of pixels is u32::MAX.