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Core types and traits of the Ockam vault.

This crate contains the core types and traits of the Ockam vault and is intended for use by other crates that either provide implementations for those traits, or use traits and types as an abstract dependency.


A public key

Handle to a cryptographic Secret Individual Vault implementations should map secret handles into implementation-specific Secret representations (e.g. binaries, or HSM references) stored inside Vault (e.g. using HashMap)

Attributes for a specific vault SecretKey

Binary representation of a Secret.

Binary representation of Signature


Possible SecretKey’s persistence

All possible SecretTypes


AES128 private key length

AES256 private key length

Curve25519 public key length

Curve25519 private key length

P256 public key length

P256 private key length


Vault with asymmetric encryption functionality

A trait for hashing data into fixed length output

Key id related vault functionality

Secret-management functionality

Signing functionality

Trait with symmetric encryption

Signature verification functionality

Type Definitions

Buffer for large binaries (e.g. encrypted data)

ID of a Key

Public Key Vector

Secret Key Vector

Signature Vector

Buffer for small vectors (e.g. array of attributes)