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Ockam Vault Foreign Function Interface (FFI) for library integration.


Safety macro which ensures a buffer is not null and not empty.


Error type relating to FFI specific failures.


Represents the failures that can occur in an Ockam FFI Vault.


FFI Vault trait. See documentation for individual sub-traits for details.


Decrypt a payload using AES-GCM.

Encrypt a payload using AES-GCM.

Create and return a default Ockam Vault.

De-initialize an Ockam Vault.

Perform an ECDH operation on the supplied Ockam Vault secret and peer_publickey. The result is an Ockam Vault secret of unknown type.

Perform an HMAC-SHA256 based key derivation function on the supplied salt and input key material.

Retrieve the attributes for a specified secret.

Delete an ockam vault secret.

Export a secret key with the specific handle to the output_buffer.

Generate a secret key with the specific attributes. Returns a handle for the secret.

Import a secret key with the specific handle and attributes.

Get the public key, given a secret key, and copy it to the output buffer.

Compute the SHA-256 hash on input and put the result in digest. digest must be 32 bytes in length.