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This crate provides safe but low-level for the Wasm imports available in the OC-Wasm environment.


The panic feature controls how certain system call errors which should be impossible are handled. When the feature is enabled, a panic is generated in those situations. When the feature is disabled, a Wasm unreachable (trap) instruction is executed instead; this produces smaller code but less useful error messages.

The std feature controls whether error::Error implements std::error::Error, which it cannot do in a no_std environment.


  • Types related to examining and calling methods on components attached to or installed in a computer.
  • Miscellaneous APIs related to the computer itself.
  • Descriptors which refer to opaque values such as open file handles.
  • Functions for loading and executing a new WASM binary.
  • Out-of-line byte-array and string reference types for more efficient CBOR encoding.


  • Panics or traps depending on the state of the panic feature.