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This crate provides high-level APIs for accessing components provided by Applied Energistics.

As a general rule, APIs in this crate accept an Invoker and a Buffer scratch buffer, the latter being used for encoding parameters and decoding return values. This buffer can be reused between API calls to reduce heap allocations. In some cases the return value of an API may borrow from the scratch buffer.


  • The std feature enables integration with the Rust standard library that can only be done outside no_std mode.


You must depend on oc-wasm-futures with the proper-waker feature in your own application if your chosen executor requires the proper-waker feature.


  • Provides an error type used for higher level calls.
  • Provides high-level access to the ME Interface APIs, which are available in different variations on ME Interfaces in part and block form.
  • Provides high-level access to the “network control” APIs, which are available on both ME controllers and ME interfaces.


  • Information about a fluid.
  • Information about an item stack.


  • A component that can be given an Invoker and a byte buffer in order to access its methods.