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OAuth 1.0 client library for Rust.



Send request for request token.

const REQUEST_TOKEN: &str = "";
let consumer = oauth_client::Token::new("key", "secret");
let bytes = oauth_client::get::<DefaultRequestBuilder>(REQUEST_TOKEN, &consumer, None, None, &()).unwrap();


pub use reqwest;



Default one to use if you’re not using a custom HTTP Client and are ok with bundling reqwest

Token structure for the OAuth


Error type.

Errors possible while using parse_query_string.

Things that can go wrong while verifying a request’s signature


Generic request type. Allows you to pass any reqwest::Request-like object. You’re gonna need to wrap whatever client’s Request type you’re using in your own type, as the orphan rules won’t allow you to impl this trait.

A generic request builder. Allows you to use any HTTP client. See DefaultRequestBuilder for one that uses reqwest::Client.


Checks if the signature created by the given request data is the same as the provided signature.

Verifies that the provided request’s signature is valid. The url_middleware argument allows you to modify the url before it’s used to calculate the signature. This could be useful for tests, where there can be multiple localhost urls.

Send authorized GET request to the specified URL. consumer is a consumer token.

Utility function to parse the Authorization header from an HTTP request.

Percent-encode the string in the manner defined in RFC 3986

Send authorized POST request to the specified URL. consumer is a consumer token.

Type Definitions

Alias for HashMap<Cow<'a, str>, Cow<'a, str>>