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Generates a unsafe fn unchecked_transmute_from(number: Primitive) -> Self associated function.

Allows unsafely turning a primitive into an enum with unchecked_transmute_from

If you’re really certain a conversion will succeed, and want to avoid a small amount of overhead, you can use unsafe code to do this conversion. Unless you have data showing that the match statement generated in the try_from above is a bottleneck for you, you should avoid doing this, as the unsafe code has potential to cause serious memory issues in your program.

Note that this derive ignores any default, catch_all, and alternatives attributes on the enum. If you need support for conversions from these values, you should use TryFromPrimitive or FromPrimitive.

use num_enum::UnsafeFromPrimitive;

#[derive(Debug, Eq, PartialEq, UnsafeFromPrimitive)]
enum Number {

fn main() {
        unsafe { Number::unchecked_transmute_from(0_u8) },
        unsafe { Number::unchecked_transmute_from(1_u8) },

unsafe fn undefined_behavior() {
    let _ = Number::unchecked_transmute_from(2); // 2 is not a valid discriminant!