Trait num::Zero[][src]

pub trait Zero: Add<Self, Output = Self> {
    pub fn zero() -> Self;
pub fn is_zero(&self) -> bool; pub fn set_zero(&mut self) { ... } }

Defines an additive identity element for Self.


a + 0 = a       ∀ a ∈ Self
0 + a = a       ∀ a ∈ Self

Required methods

pub fn zero() -> Self[src]

Returns the additive identity element of Self, 0.


This function should return the same result at all times regardless of external mutable state, for example values stored in TLS or in static muts.

pub fn is_zero(&self) -> bool[src]

Returns true if self is equal to the additive identity.

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Provided methods

pub fn set_zero(&mut self)[src]

Sets self to the additive identity element of Self, 0.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl Zero for isize[src]

impl Zero for i64[src]

impl Zero for u32[src]

impl Zero for i32[src]

impl Zero for f32[src]

impl Zero for i8[src]

impl Zero for u16[src]

impl Zero for u128[src]

impl Zero for usize[src]

impl Zero for i128[src]

impl Zero for i16[src]

impl<T> Zero for Wrapping<T> where
    T: Zero,
    Wrapping<T>: Add<Wrapping<T>>,
    <Wrapping<T> as Add<Wrapping<T>>>::Output == Wrapping<T>, 

impl Zero for u8[src]

impl Zero for u64[src]

impl Zero for f64[src]

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impl Zero for BigInt[src]

impl Zero for BigUint[src]

impl<T> Zero for Ratio<T> where
    T: Clone + Integer

impl<T> Zero for Complex<T> where
    T: Clone + Num

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