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A singly linked list compatible to SINGLE_LIST_ENTRY of the Windows NT API.

To make this list type-safe, nt-list first asks you to declare an empty enum, which then serves as the L type parameter to distinguish different lists. A list element can be part of multiple linked lists by having multiple entry fields in the element structure. You need to declare an empty enum for every entry field of every element structure.

The empty enum is designated as a singly linked list via:

enum MyList {}

Next you define your element structure, adding an NtSingleListEntry field for each singly linked list you want your element to be part of. A single NtSingleListEntry field can be marked with #[boxed] to make that list own the elements and handle their memory allocation and deallocation:

#[derive(Default, NtListElement)]
struct MyElement {
    entry: NtSingleListEntry<Self, MyList>,
    value: i32,

You can then manage that list using the safe NtBoxingSingleListHead interface:

let mut list = NtBoxingSingleListHead::<MyElement, MyList>::new();

list.push_front(MyElement {
    value: 42,

For non-boxed entries, you can only use the NtSingleListHead interface. It requires elements to be allocated beforehand on a stable address and be valid as long as the list is used. Without owning the elements, the Rust compiler cannot guarantee the validity of them. This is why almost all NtSingleListHead functions are unsafe. Fortunately, NtSingleListHead is usually only necessary when an element is part of multiple lists.


Iterator over the elements of a singly linked list.
Mutable iterator over the elements of a singly linked list.
A variant of NtSingleListHead that boxes every element on insertion.
This structure substitutes the SINGLE_LIST_ENTRY structure of the Windows NT API for actual list entries.
A singly linked list header compatible to SINGLE_LIST_ENTRY of the Windows NT API.


Designates a list as an NT singly linked list (SINGLE_LIST_ENTRY structure of the Windows NT API).

Derive Macros

Designates an empty enum as a singly linked list.