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noodles-tabix handles the reading and writing of the tabix format.

A tabix (TBI) is an index file typically used to allow random access of an accompanied file that is

  1. bgzipped,
  2. tab-delimited,
  3. grouped by reference sequence name, and
  4. coordinate sorted by start position.

It can be used to find relevant records for a given genomic region.


Read a tabix file

use noodles_tabix as tabix;
let index = tabix::read("sample.vcf.gz.tbi")?;


pub use self::index::Index;


Async tabix index and fields.

Tabix index and fields.


An async tabix reader.

An async tabix writer.

A tabix reader.

A tabix writer.


Reads the entire contents of a tabix index.

Writes a tabix index to a file.