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noodles-bgzf handles the reading and writing of the blocked gzip format (BGZF).

While the gzip format is typically a single stream, a BGZF is the concatenation of many gzip streams. Each stream is called a block, with its uncompressed data size being constrained to less than 64 KiB. This multistream gzip allows random access using virtual positions.

noodles-bgzf abstracts away the concept of blocks, implementing std::io::Read for the reader and std::io::Write for the writer.


Read an entire BGZF file

use noodles_bgzf as bgzf;
let mut reader = File::open("data.gz").map(bgzf::Reader::new)?;
let mut data = Vec::new();
reader.read_to_end(&mut data)?;

Write a BGZF file

use noodles_bgzf as bgzf;
let mut writer = File::create("data.gz").map(bgzf::Writer::new)?;


pub use self::virtual_position::VirtualPosition;
pub use self::writer::Writer;


BGZF virtual position.

BGZF writer.


An async BGZF reader.

An async BGZF writer.

A BGZF reader.