Function nom::sequence::delimited

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pub fn delimited<I, O1, O2, O3, E: ParseError<I>, F, G, H>(
    first: F,
    second: G,
    third: H
) -> impl FnMut(I) -> IResult<I, O2, E>where
    F: Parser<I, O1, E>,
    G: Parser<I, O2, E>,
    H: Parser<I, O3, E>,
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Matches an object from the first parser and discards it, then gets an object from the second parser, and finally matches an object from the third parser and discards it.


  • first The first parser to apply and discard.
  • second The second parser to apply.
  • third The third parser to apply and discard.
use nom::sequence::delimited;
use nom::bytes::complete::tag;

let mut parser = delimited(tag("("), tag("abc"), tag(")"));

assert_eq!(parser("(abc)"), Ok(("", "abc")));
assert_eq!(parser("(abc)def"), Ok(("def", "abc")));
assert_eq!(parser(""), Err(Err::Error(("", ErrorKind::Tag))));
assert_eq!(parser("123"), Err(Err::Error(("123", ErrorKind::Tag))));