[][src]Function nom::number::complete::recognize_float

pub fn recognize_float<T, E: ParseError<T>>(input: T) -> IResult<T, T, E> where
    T: Slice<RangeFrom<usize>> + Slice<RangeTo<usize>>,
    T: Clone + Offset,
    T: InputIter,
    <T as InputIter>::Item: AsChar,
    T: InputTakeAtPosition,
    <T as InputTakeAtPosition>::Item: AsChar

Recognizes floating point number in a byte string and returns the corresponding slice

complete version: can parse until the end of input

use nom::number::complete::recognize_float;

let parser = |s| {

assert_eq!(parser("11e-1"), Ok(("", "11e-1")));
assert_eq!(parser("123E-02"), Ok(("", "123E-02")));
assert_eq!(parser("123K-01"), Ok(("K-01", "123")));
assert_eq!(parser("abc"), Err(Err::Error(("abc", ErrorKind::Char))));