[][src]Macro nom::take_while_m_n

macro_rules! take_while_m_n {
    ($input:expr, $m:expr, $n: expr, $submac:ident!( $($args:tt)* )) => { ... };
    ($input:expr, $m:expr, $n:expr, $f:expr) => { ... };

take_while_m_n!(m: usize, n: usize, T -> bool) => &[T] -> IResult<&[T], &[T]> returns a list of bytes or characters for which the provided function returns true. the returned list's size will be at least m, and at most n

The argument is either a function T -> bool or a macro returning a bool.


 named!( alpha, take_while!( is_alphanumeric ) );

 let r = alpha(&b"abcd\nefgh"[..]);
 assert_eq!(r, Ok((&b"\nefgh"[..], &b"abcd"[..])));