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A feature complete BibTeX parser using nom.

nom-bibtex can parse the four differents types of entries listed in the BibTeX format description:

  • Preambles which allows to call LaTeX command inside your BibTeX.
  • Strings which defines abbreviations in a key-value format.
  • Comments.
  • Bibliography entries.


extern crate nom_bibtex;
use nom_bibtex::*;

const BIBFILE_DATA: &str = r#"@preamble{
        "A bibtex preamble" # " another test"

        Here is a comment.

    Another comment!

    @string ( name= "Charles Vandevoorde")
    @string (github = "")

    @misc {my_citation_key,
        author= name,
        title = "nom-bibtex",
        note = "Github: " # github

fn main() {
    let bibtex = Bibtex::parse(BIBFILE_DATA).unwrap();

    let preambles = bibtex.preambles();
    assert_eq!(preambles[0], "A bibtex preamble another test");

    let comments = bibtex.comments();
    assert_eq!(comments[0], "Here is a comment.");
    assert_eq!(comments[1], "Another comment!");

    let variables = bibtex.variables();
    assert_eq!(variables["name"], "Charles Vandevoorde");
    assert_eq!(variables["github"], "");

    let biblio = &bibtex.bibliographies()[0];
    assert_eq!(biblio.entry_type(), "misc");
    assert_eq!(biblio.citation_key(), "my_citation_key");

    let bib_tags = biblio.tags();
    assert_eq!(bib_tags["author"], "Charles Vandevoorde");
    assert_eq!(bib_tags["title"], "nom-bibtex");
    assert_eq!(bib_tags["note"], "Github:");