Type Definition noisy_float::types::N32[][src]

type N32 = NoisyFloat<f32, NumChecker>;

A floating point number behaving like f32 that does not allow NaN.

The “N” in the name stands for “Number”, since all values of this type are “numbers”, i.e. they are not “not-a-number”.


impl N32[src]

pub const fn unchecked_new(value: f32) -> Self[src]

A const constructor that does not check whether value is valid.

WARNING: This constructor does not panic even in debug mode. As always, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure value is valid. Until Rust supports panics in const functions, this constructor is necessary to create a NoisyFloat in a const setting.

pub const fn const_raw(self) -> f32[src]

A const function that returns the underlying float value.