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Certificate is intended to be serialized and deserialized from/into a file and loaded on the stratum server. Second use of the certificate is to build it from SignatureNoiseMessage and check its validity

The payload message that will be appended to the handshake message to proof static key authenticity

Header of the SignedPart that will also be part of the Certificate

Static keypair (aka ‘s’ and ‘rs’) from the noise handshake patterns. This has to be used by users of this noise when Building the responder

Helper struct that wraps the transport state and provides convenient interface to read/write messages


Private snow constants redefined here

version: u16 valid_from: u32 not_valid_after: u32 siganture len: u16 (64 little endian) siganture: 64 bytes


Generates noise specific static keypair specific for the current params

Generate a random ed25519 dalek keypair It return (public key, private key)

Type Definitions

Snow doesn’t have a dedicated public key type, we will need it for authentication

Snow doesn’t have a dedicated secret key type, we will need it for authentication