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An easy bridge package to communicate between Node.js and Rust using std io.

Created to use with the npm package rustlang-bridge



use node_bridge::NodeBridge;

async fn main() {
    let bridge = NodeBridge::new();
    bridge.register("addition", add, None);
    bridge.register_async("find_longer", find_longer, Some("Variable to pass to the function"));
    assert_eq!(bridge.receive("channel_a").await.unwrap(), "Sent this from node!");
    bridge.send("channel_foo", "bar").ok();

fn add(params: Vec<i32>, _: Option<()>) -> i32 {
    params[0] + params[1]

async fn find_longer(params: Vec<String>, pass_data: Option<&str>) -> String {
    assert_eq!(pass_data, Some("Variable to pass to the function"));
    if params[0].len() > params[1].len() {
        return params[0].to_string();


import RustBridge from "rustlang-bridge";

const bridge = new RustBridge("/path/to/rust_executable");
await new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, 1000)); // wait for the functions to initialize
console.log(await bridge.addition(10,20)); // "30"
console.log(await bridge.find_longer("foo","longer_foo")); // "longer_foo"
bridge.on("channel_foo", data => {
    console.log(data); // "bar"
bridge.send("channel_a","Sent this from node!");


  • Occurs when you try to send or receive a message through the bridge after it has been closed.
  • The Bridge between node and rust.