Macro nix::ioctl_write_int_bad[][src]

macro_rules! ioctl_write_int_bad {
    ($(#[$attr:meta])* $name:ident, $nr:expr) => { ... };

Generates a wrapper function for a "bad" ioctl that writes an integer to the kernel.

The arguments to this macro are:

  • The function name
  • The ioctl request code

The generated function has the following signature:

pub unsafe fn FUNCTION_NAME(fd: libc::c_int, data: libc::c_int) -> Result<libc::c_int>

For a more in-depth explanation of ioctls, see ::sys::ioctl.


ioctl_write_int_bad!(tcsbrk, libc::TCSBRK);
const KVMIO: u8 = 0xAE;
ioctl_write_int_bad!(kvm_create_vm, request_code_none!(KVMIO, 0x03));