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Client library for Nitrokey 3 devices.


let hidapi = hidapi::HidApi::new()?;
let devices = nitrokey3::list(&hidapi);
println!("Found {} Nitrokey 3 devices", devices.len());
for device in devices {
    let device = device.connect()?;
    println!("- Nitrokey 3 with firmware version {}", device.firmware_version()?);


A connected Nitrokey 3 device.

An available Nitrokey 3 device.

A collection of available Nitrokey 3 devices.

The UUID for a Nitrokey 3 device.

A firmware version number.


The boot mode for a reboot command.

A command-specific error.

Error type for Nitrokey 3 operations.


Lists all available Nitrokey 3 devices.