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Library for the RF protocol used by Nexus Revo (ca. 2018, rechargeable remote) product line.

Compatible with the following devices:

  • Revo Slim
  • Revo Stealth
  • Revo Extreme
  • Revo Intense

Designed for use with libftd2xx-rs and libftd2xx-cc1101 to interface with a CC1101 RF transceiver via FTDI SPI interface. However, any properly configured std::io interface that functions as a 433.94 MHz, 2.2254 kBaud, OOK RF modem can be used instead.


Simply add this crate as a dependency in your Cargo.toml.

nexus-revo-io = "~0.1.0"

Also follow the README guidance in libftd2xx-rs to set up the connection with the FTDI device.

Sender and Receiver examples are good starting points.


Bit-level symbol reader for detecting and decoding messages in Revo RF protocol.

Finite State Machine version of SymReader.

Bit-level symbol writer for generating messages in Revo RF protocol.


Remote commands supported by Revo hardware.

Result of one SymReaderFsm::poll iteration.