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neweden is a rust library for system information, wayfinding and range queries for the MMORPG Eve Online from CCP Games.

Online data can come from multiple data sources. Most commonly a CCP static dump from

The library must be compiled with the apprioriate flags. Currently accepted flags are database and rpc. database offers a Postgres backend using the diesel ORM wrapper. rpc is for internal use at the moment as the dependent crate is not open sourced.



Defines a connection between two systems.

Describes the coordinate of a system in Eve Online.

Extends the universe with dynamic connections. This is intended to be used to allow pathfinding through wormholes and titan bridges.

Extends an existing universe with additional connections. `

Describes a security rating. A security rating is between -1.0 and 1.0.

Describe a system.

Describes the ID of a solar system. Can be casted to from i32 or u32 using .into()

Describes the known systesms and their connections in new eden universe. Universe implements Navigatable and can be used in pathfinding.

Build a universe from a list of systems and connections. `


The type of bridge. Can be either a titan bridge or a blackops bridge. Provides information about the skill-level used. You can calculate the bridge distance using an Into conversion, similar to JumpdriveShip.

The type of connection between two systems. Can be a bridge, a stargate or a wormhole.

Conversion for jumpdrive capable ships. You can get the jumprange of a ship through Into conversion.

Describes if a system’s security rating is considered Highsec, Lowsec or Nullsec. In Eve Online, 1.0 t 0.45 is considered highsec. 0.0 to 0.45 is considered lowsec, and below 0.0 is considered nullsec.

Information about a stargate.

Defines a system class. A system is either part of the known space (SystemClass::KSpace) or wormhole space (SystemClass::WSpace).

Information about a wormhole.


Describes universes that are navigatable. Only navigatable universes can be used for pathfinding. Two main implementation exists: Universe and ExtendedUniverse.