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Guessing of MIME types by file extension.

Uses a static list of file-extension : MIME type mappings.

// the file doesn't have to exist, it just looks at the path
let guess = new_mime_guess::from_path("some_file.gif");
assert_eq!(guess.first(), Some(mime::IMAGE_GIF));
Note: MIME Types Returned Are Not Stable/Guaranteed

The media types returned for a given extension are not considered to be part of the crate’s stable API and are often updated in patch
(x.y.[z + 1]) releases to be as correct as possible.

Additionally, only the extensions of paths/filenames are inspected in order to guess the MIME type. The file that may or may not reside at that path may or may not be a valid file of the returned MIME type. Be wary of unsafe or un-validated assumptions about file structure or length.


An iterator over the Mime types of a MimeGuess.

An iterator over the raw media type strings of a MimeGuess.

A parsed mime or media type.

A “guess” of the MIME/Media Type(s) of an extension or path as one or more Mime instances.


Get the extensions for a given top-level and sub-level of a MIME type ({toplevel}/{sublevel}).

Get a list of known extensions for a given Mime.

Get a list of known extensions for a MIME type string.