pub unsafe extern "system" fn get_hostfxr_path(
    buffer: *mut char_t,
    buffer_size: *mut size_t,
    parameters: *const get_hostfxr_parameters
) -> i32
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Get the path to the hostfxr library.


  • buffer: Buffer that will be populated with the hostfxr path, including a null terminator.

  • buffer_size:

    • [in] Size of buffer in char_t units.
    • [out] Size of buffer used in char_t units. If the input value is too small or buffer is null, this is populated with the minimum required size in char_t units for a buffer to hold the hostfxr path
  • get_hostfxr_parameters: Optional. Parameters that modify the behaviour for locating the hostfxr library. If null, hostfxr is located using the enviroment variable or global registration

Return value


The full search for the hostfxr library is done on every call. To minimize the need to call this function multiple times, pass a large buffer (e.g. MAX_PATH).