// Attributes available to this derive:
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The NwgPartial macro implements the native-windows-gui PartialUi trait on the selected struct

NwgPartial accepts the same attributes as NwgUi. See the docs of the NwgUi trait for detailed usage. There are some particularities though:

  • Partials cannot be used by independently. They must be included in a UI that implements NwgUi.
  • Partials do not require a top level window. If no window is defined, the partial will require a parent value passed from the nwg_partial attribute
  • It’s possible to derive both NwgUi and NwgPartial from the same struct as long as the partial do not need a parent.
  • Partials can contains other partials
#[derive(Default, NwgPartial)]
pub struct MyPartial {
  partial_data: u32,

  button: nwg::Button

#[derive(Default, NwgUi)]
pub struct MyApp {
   app_data: u32,

   #[nwg_events( OnInit: [hello], OnWindowClose: [nwg::stop_thread_dispatch()] )]
   window: nwg::Window,

   #[nwg_partial(parent: window)]
   partial: MyPartial