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A cross-platform laser DAC detection and streaming API.


pub extern crate ether_dream;
pub use dac::DetectDacs;
pub use dac::DetectDacsAsync;
pub use dac::DetectedDac;
pub use dac::DetectedDacCallback;
pub use dac::Id as DacId;
pub use point::Point;
pub use point::RawPoint;
pub use stream::frame::Frame;
pub use stream::frame::Stream as FrameStream;
pub use stream::raw::Stream as RawStream;
pub use stream::raw::Buffer;
pub use stream::raw::StreamError;
pub use stream::raw::StreamErrorAction;


Items related to DACs and DAC detection.

Expose a C compatible interface.

Re-exports the ilda-idtf crate and extends it with a FrameReader API, simplifying the process of reading the ILDA IDTF format into frames of points that are compatible with the nannou_laser API.

Implementation of the general laser point type used throughout the crate.

A small suite of utility functions used throughout the crate.


A general API that allows for detecting and enumerating laser DACs on a network and establishing new streams of communication with them.