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Application, event loop and window event definitions and implementations.

  • Event - the default application event type.
  • winit::event::WindowEvent - events related to a single window.
  • WindowEvent - a stripped-back, simplified, newcomer-friendly version of the raw, low-level winit event.


Motion along some axis of a device e.g. joystick or gamepad.

Describes a keyboard input event.

Represents the current state of the keyboard modifiers

The event associated with a touch at a single point.

Pressure on a touch pad.

Update event, emitted on each pass of an application loop.


Describes the input state of a key.

The default application Event type.

Symbolic name for a keyboard key.

Describes a button of a mouse controller.

Describes a difference in the mouse scroll wheel state.

Describes touch-screen input state.

A simplified version of winit’s WindowEvent type to make it easier to get started.


Event types that are compatible with the nannou app loop.