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Color items, including everything from rgb, hsb/l/v, lap, alpha, luma and more, provided by the palette crate.

See the named module for a set of provided color constants.


  • Color blending and blending equations.
  • Convert colors from one reference white point to another
  • This module provides some more flexible conversions and aims to fill the gaps within the From and Into implementations provided by the palette library.
  • Various encoding traits, types and standards.
  • Floating point trait
  • Types for interpolation between multiple colors.
  • Luminance types.
  • A collection of named color constants. Can be toggled with the "named" and "named_from_str" Cargo features.
  • RGB types, spaces and standards.
  • Defines the tristimulus values of the CIE Illuminants.


  • An alpha component wrapper for colors.
  • A linear interpolation between colors.
  • Linear HSL color space.
  • Linear HSV color space.
  • Linear HWB color space.
  • The CIE L*a*b* (CIELAB) color space.
  • A hue type for the CIE L*a*b* family of color spaces.
  • CIE L*C*h°, a polar version of CIE L*a*b*.
  • The error type for a color conversion that converted a color into a color with invalid values.
  • A hue type for the RGB family of color spaces.
  • The CIE 1931 XYZ color space.
  • The CIE 1931 Yxy (xyY) color space.



  • A trait for colors that can be blended together.
  • Common trait for color components.
  • Perform a unary or binary operation on each component of a color.
  • A trait for converting one color from another.
  • A trait for converting a color into another.
  • FromColor provides conversion from the colors.
  • A trait for colors where a hue may be calculated.
  • A trait for colors where the hue can be manipulated without conversion.
  • IntoColor provides conversion to the colors.
  • Types that may be converted directly into a linear sRGBA color representation.
  • A trait for clamping and checking if colors are within their ranges.
  • A trait for linear color interpolation.
  • Represents colors that can be serialized and deserialized from raw color components.
  • A trait for colors where the saturation (or chroma) can be manipulated without conversion.
  • The Shade trait allows a color to be lightened or darkened.


  • A short-hand constructor for Gray::new.
  • A short-hand constructor for Hsl::new(RgbHue::from_degrees(h * 360.0), s, l).
  • A short-hand constructor for Hsla::new(RgbHue::from_degrees(h * 360.0), s, l, a).
  • A short-hand constructor for Hsv::new(RgbHue::from_degrees(h * 360.0), s, v).
  • A short-hand constructor for Hsva::new(RgbHue::from_degrees(h * 360.0), s, v, a).
  • A short-hand constructor for LinSrgb::new.
  • A short-hand constructor for LinSrgba::new.
  • A short-hand constructor for Rgb::new.
  • A short-hand constructor for Rgb::<u8>::new .
  • Create a new color from a hexadecimal int literal
  • A short-hand constructor for Rgba::new.
  • A short-hand constructor for Rgba<u8>::new.
  • A short-hand constructor for Srgb::new.
  • A short-hand constructor for Srgb<u8>::new.
  • A short-hand constructor for Srgba::new.
  • A short-hand constructor for Srgba<u8>::new.

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