Module nannou::app[][src]

The application context. See here for items related to the event loop, device access, creating and managing windows and streams and more.

  • App - provides a context and API for windowing, audio, devices, etc.
  • Proxy - a handle to an App that may be used from a non-main thread.
  • Audio - an API accessed via for enumerating audio devices, spawning audio input/output streams, etc.
  • Draw - a simple API for drawing graphics, accessible via app.draw().
  • LoopMode - describes the behaviour of the application event loop.



Each nannou application has a single App instance. This App represents the entire context of the application.


An API accessed via for enumerating audio devices and spawning input/output audio streams with either default or custom stream format.


A nannou::Draw instance owned by the App. A simple API for sketching with 2D and 3D graphics.


A handle to the App that can be shared across threads. This may be used to "wake up" the App's inner event loop.



The mode in which the App is currently running the event loop.

Type Definitions


The app uses a set scalar type in order to provide a simplistic API to users.