Trait nannou::color::Component[][src]

pub trait Component: Copy + Zero + PartialOrd<Self> + NumCast {
    pub const LIMITED: bool;

    pub fn max_intensity() -> Self;
pub fn convert<T>(&self) -> T
        T: Component
; }

Common trait for color components.

Associated Constants

pub const LIMITED: bool[src]

True if the max intensity is also the highest possible value of the type. Conversion to limited types requires clamping.

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Required methods

pub fn max_intensity() -> Self[src]

The highest displayable value this component type can reach. Higher values are allowed, but they may be lowered to this before converting to another format.

pub fn convert<T>(&self) -> T where
    T: Component

Convert into another color component type, including scaling.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl Component for f64[src]

impl Component for u16[src]

impl Component for u64[src]

impl Component for f32[src]

impl Component for u32[src]

impl Component for u8[src]

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