Crate names_changer[][src]


Taking data as str. This crate #[names_changer] provides trait method .camel_to_snake() that convert a names from camel case to snake case. The trait searches for words matching the pattern and converts them to snake case.

Getting Started

First of all you have to add this dependency to your Cargo.toml:

names-changer = "0.2.1"

Additionally, you have to import the procedural macro with use statement:

use names_changer::NamesChanger;

Example usage:

mod tests {
    use names_changer::NamesChanger;

    // Not needed for this example, but useful in general
    use super::*;

    fn test_name_change() {
        let content = "TABLE ClientTokensRef IS 'text';";

        assert_eq!("TABLE client_tokens_ref IS 'text';", content.camel_to_snake())