[][src]Crate named_type

This crate provides the NamedType trait. The named_type_derive crate also provides the ability to automatically derive this trait using #[derive(NamedType)].


You can derive NamedType for any struct or enum to get some obvious generated names. This is the expected usage of this crate for most types.

use named_type_derive::*;
use named_type::NamedType;

struct MyStruct {}

enum MyEnum {}

fn main() {
    assert_eq!(MyStruct::type_name(), concat!(module_path!(), "::MyStruct"));
    assert_eq!(MyStruct::short_type_name(), "MyStruct");

    assert_eq!(MyEnum::type_name(), concat!(module_path!(), "::MyEnum"));
    assert_eq!(MyEnum::short_type_name(), "MyEnum");

Since it's possible that short type names conflict, there is the option to add a prefix or suffix to a generated name to reduce ambiguity. Note that this only affects the short type name.

#[named_type(short_suffix = "_suffix")]
struct Suffixed {}

#[named_type(short_prefix = "Pre")]
enum Prefixed {}

assert_eq!(Suffixed::type_name(), concat!(module_path!(), "::Suffixed"));
assert_eq!(Suffixed::short_type_name(), "Suffixed_suffix");

assert_eq!(Prefixed::type_name(), concat!(module_path!(), "::Prefixed"));
assert_eq!(Prefixed::short_type_name(), "PrePrefixed");



A trait for getting the name of a type