[][src]Trait nalgebra::base::allocator::Allocator

pub trait Allocator<N: Scalar, R: Dim, C: Dim = U1>: Any + Sized {
    type Buffer: ContiguousStorageMut<N, R, C> + Clone;
    unsafe fn allocate_uninitialized(nrows: R, ncols: C) -> Self::Buffer;
fn allocate_from_iterator<I: IntoIterator<Item = N>>(
        nrows: R,
        ncols: C,
        iter: I
    ) -> Self::Buffer; }

A matrix allocator of a memory buffer that may contain R::to_usize() * C::to_usize() elements of type N.

An allocator is said to be: − static: if R and C both implement DimName. − dynamic: if either one (or both) of R or C is equal to Dynamic.

Every allocator must be both static and dynamic. Though not all implementations may share the same Buffer type.

Associated Types

The type of buffer this allocator can instanciate.

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Required methods

Allocates a buffer with the given number of rows and columns without initializing its content.

Allocates a buffer initialized with the content of the given iterator.

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impl<N, R, C> Allocator<N, R, C> for DefaultAllocator where
    N: Scalar,
    R: DimName,
    C: DimName,
    R::Value: Mul<C::Value>,
    Prod<R::Value, C::Value>: ArrayLength<N>, 

impl<N: Scalar, C: Dim> Allocator<N, Dynamic, C> for DefaultAllocator

impl<N: Scalar, R: DimName> Allocator<N, R, Dynamic> for DefaultAllocator

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