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This package is the heart of the Myxine GUI server. It does not contain any code for directly implementing the web server or browser-side JavaScript.

You probably only need to depend on this library if you are yourself creating an alternative to the Myxine server: to build clients to the Myxine server, see the documentation for its various client libraries.



The configuration for a session, describing the behavior of the heartbeat / page garbage collector, and the default parameters for each new page.


An incoming event sent from the browser, intended to be forwarded directly to listeners. While there is more structure here than merely a triple of JSON values, we don't bother to parse it because the client will be parsing it again, so this will be a waste of resources.


A proxy for a page in the browser, encapsulating all the state and connections necessary to set its content, listen for events, and evaluate JavaScript within it. At any given time, a Page object may be connected to zero, one, or more actual browser windows, each of which will exactly mirror whatever is being done to the Page object.


A collection of Pages, uniquely keyed by a String path, which are periodically pruned by a garbage collector thread to remove inactive and empty pages from the pool.



A command sent directly to the code running in the browser page to tell it to update or perform some other action.


The ways in which a page can be refreshed.


The possible responses from a page: either an event happened, or the result of evaluating an expression was sent back.


A subscription to events is either a Universal subscription to all events, or a Specific set of events to which the client wishes to subscribe.