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A MediaWiki API client library.


  • generic to fit any application, whether for interactive usage or writing a bot
  • intended for use in async setups, and is compatible with being used with concurrency
  • turns MediaWiki errors into Rust errors for you
  • logging (using the log crate) for visiblity into errors

Quick start

let client = mwapi::Client::builder("")
    .set_user_agent("mwapi demo")
    // Provide credentials for login:
    // .set_botpassword("username", "password")
let resp = client.get_value(&[
    ("action", "query"),
    ("prop", "info"),
    ("titles", "Taylor Swift"),
let info = resp["query"]["pages"][0].clone();
assert_eq!(info["ns"].as_u64().unwrap(), 0);
assert_eq!(info["title"].as_str().unwrap(), "Taylor Swift");


mwapi handles low-level API functionality, including

  • authentication, using BotPasswords or OAuth2
  • error handling, transforming MediaWiki errors into Rust ones
  • CSRF token handling with post_with_token
  • rate limiting and concurrency controls
  • (planned) file uploads

More to come.


pub use client::Client;
pub use error::ErrorFormat;




Assert that your account has the specified login state, see API:Assert for more details.

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