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pub use mongodb;
pub use mongodb::bson;


Contains the Error and Result types that mongodb uses.
Contains all of the types needed to specify options to MongoDB operations.


Construct a bson::Document value.


A BSON document represented as an associative HashMap with insertion ordering.
An error that can occur in the mongodb crate. The inner ErrorKind is wrapped in an Arc to allow the errors to be cloned.
Specifies the options to a Collection::find operation.
Specifies the fields and options for an index. For more information, see the documentation.
A wrapper around raw 12-byte ObjectId representations.


Enum representing supported compressor algorithms. Used for compressing and decompressing messages sent to and read from the server. For compressors that take a level, use None to indicate the default level. Higher level indicates more compression (and slower). Requires zstd-compression feature flag to use Zstd compressor, zlib-compression feature flag to use Zlib compressor, and snappy-compression feature flag to use Snappy Compressor.


A data structure that can be deserialized from any data format supported by Serde.
A data structure that can be serialized into any data format supported by Serde.


Deserializes a hex string from an ObjectId.
Encode a T Serializable into a Bson value.

Type Definitions

The result type for all methods that can return an error in the mongodb crate.

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