Top level entry point for the MsQuic API.
A generic wrapper for contiguous buffer.
The file paths of a certificate.
The file paths of a protected certificate.
The 20-byte hash/thumbprint of a certificate.
The 20-byte hash/thumbprint and store name of a certificate.
The binary blobs of a PKCS#12 certificate.
Specifies how to configure a connection.
A single QUIC connection.
Specifies the configuration for a new credential.
A single server listener
A helper struct for accessing listener statistics.
A helper struct for accessing performance counters.
A helper struct for accessing connection statistics
A helper struct for accessing connection statistics
The execution context for processing connections on the application’s behalf.
Specifies the configuration for a new registration.
Helper for processing MsQuic return statuses.
A single QUIC stream on a parent connection.
Key information for TLS session ticket encryption.
IPv4 address payload.
IPv6 address payload.


Type Definitions

Family of an IP address.
Set of allowed TLS cipher suites.
C-style bool.
Generic interface for a certificate.
Generic interface for a certificate chain.
Modifies the default certificate hash store configuration.
Controls connection shutdown behavior.
Modifies the default credential configuration.
Completion callback for a async creation of a new credential.
Type of credentials used for a connection.
Configures how to process a registration’s workload.
Opaque handle to a MsQuic object.
Represents how load balancing is performed.
Controls stream and datagram send behavior.
Modifies the behavior when sending resumption data.
Type of resumption behavior on the server side.
Controls the connection’s scheduling behavior for streams.
Controls stream shutdown behavior.
The different possible TLS providers used by MsQuic.
Unsigned 62-bit integer.


Generic representation of IPv4 or IPv6 addresses.
Wrapper for all certificate types.