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Library for collecting and packing resources into a bundle with a manifest file which describes those resources.

A Bundle contains a Manifest as well as any number of arbitrary, opaque resources in the form of ResourceBytes. A Bundle can be serialized and written to a file.

A Bundle can also be packed and unpacked, via the "packing" feature. Bundle packing is performed by following the Locations specified in the Manifest as “Bundled”, and pulling them into the Bundle that way. Unpacking is done by specifying a target directory and creating a new file for each resource at a relative path specified by the Manifest.



A Manifest bundled together, optionally, with the Resources that it describes. This is meant to be serialized for standalone distribution, and deserialized by the receiver.


Where to find a Resource.


A Manifest describes the resources in a Bundle and how to pack and unpack them.


Decompress and deserialize some bytes (inverse of encode)

Get compressed bytes from some serializable data

Type Definitions

Arbitrary opaque bytes representing a Resource in a Bundle