[][src]Struct monet::Rates

pub struct Rates { /* fields omitted */ }


impl Rates[src]

pub fn new() -> Self[src]

Creates a new Rates struct and populates it from

pub fn with_rates(map: HashMap<CurrencyCode, CurrencyAmount>) -> Self[src]

Construct a Rates struct with given rates.

pub fn worth(&self, code: CurrencyCode) -> Option<CurrencyAmount>[src]

Get the worth of a currency as an CurrencyAmount. The worth could be seen as "how many base units are needed to make one of this". If a USD is worth 1_000_000 and a CHF is worth 2_000_000, that means that 2 USD are needed to make 1 CHF.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Rates[src]

impl Default for Rates[src]

impl Debug for Rates[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Rates

impl Sync for Rates

impl Unpin for Rates

impl UnwindSafe for Rates

impl RefUnwindSafe for Rates

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