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modus_ponens generates inference engines on top of Parsing Expression Grammars (PEGs). It allows you to specify the syntax of your facts in a PEG, and automatically obtain an inference engine able to deal with knowledge bases composed of facts and rules compliant with the provided PEG.

So on one hand, modus_ponens helps dealing with data, in whatever form or shape. It allows you to keep your data in knowledge bases under any shape and structural detail you may feel appropriate, and to query and massage it efficiently at any level of the detail you may have bothered to specify.

On the other hand, modus_ponens allows you to develop programs under the paradigm of logic programming, with a syntax that is exactly as expressive and clear as you care to specify.

Finally, it is worth noting that modus_ponens is very performant, and furthermore, that its performance is fully independent of the size of the knowledge bases it deals with.

Check out the README for more detailed info.