[][src]Derive Macro modular_bitfield::BitfieldSpecifier

    // Attributes available to this derive:

Derive macro for Rust enums to implement Specifier trait.

This allows such an enum to be used as a field of a #[bitfield] struct. The annotated enum must not have any variants with associated data and by default must have a number of variants that is equal to the power of 2.

If a user wants to circumvent the latter restriction they can add #[bits = N] below the #[derive(BitfieldSpecifier)] line in order to signal to the code generation that the enum may have a relaxed number of variants.


Example: Basic Usage

In the following we define a MaybeWeekday enum that lists all weekdays as well as an invalid day so that we have a power-of-two number of variants.

use modular_bitfield::prelude::*;

pub enum Weekday {
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, None

Example: #[bits = N]

If we want to get rid of the None variant we need to add #[bits = 3]:

#[bits = 3]
pub enum Weekday {
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Example: Discriminants

It is possible to explicitly assign discriminants to some of the days. In our case this is useful since our week starts at sunday:

#[bits = 3]
pub enum Weekday {
    Monday = 1,
    Tuesday = 2,
    Wednesday = 3,
    Thursday = 4,
    Friday = 5,
    Saturday = 6,
    Sunday = 0,

Example: Use in #[bitfield]

Given the above Weekday enum that starts at Sunday and uses 3 bits in total we can now use it in a #[bitfield] annotated struct as follows:

pub struct MeetingTimeSlot {
    day: Weekday,
    from: B6,
    to: B6,
    expired: bool,

The above MeetingTimeSlot uses exactly 16 bits and defines our Weekday enum as compact day bitfield. The from and to require 6 bits each and finally the expired flag requires a single bit.

Example: Interacting

A user can interact with the above MeetingTimeSlot and Weekday definitions in the following ways:

let mut slot = MeetingTimeSlot::new()
    .with_from(14) // 14:00 CEST
    .with_to(15); // 15:00 CEST
assert_eq!(slot.day(), Weekday::Friday);
assert_eq!(slot.from(), 14);
assert_eq!(slot.to(), 15);