pub unsafe trait StorableRef<'a, T> where
    Self: Sized + Copy,
    T: ?Sized + Storable + 'a, 
{ fn ref_to_bytes(self) -> T::BytesRef<'a>; fn ref_bytes_len(self) -> usize { ... } }
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Reference-like types which can be used to store a Storable type

Type parameter T is the Storable type and 'a is the lifetime used for the reference-like type.

For example, (&'a i32, &'a str) implements StorableRef<'a, (i32, String)> and may thus be passed to TxnRw::put instead of &'a (i32, String). This avoids unnecessary cloning when constructing the tuple.

Required Methods

Converts reference to byte slice

Provided Methods

Length of byte representation

Implementations on Foreign Types