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A Rust implementation of ml-metadata.

This crate supports the schema version 8 used in ml-metadata-v1.7.0 or later.


use mlmd::MetadataStore;
use mlmd::metadata::EventType;
use tempfile::NamedTempFile;

// Creates metadata store.
let db_file = NamedTempFile::new()?;
let sqlite_uri = format!("sqlite://{}", db_file.path().to_str().unwrap());
let mut store = MetadataStore::connect(&sqlite_uri).await?;

// Creates an artifact.
let artifact_type_id = store.put_artifact_type("DataSet").execute().await?;
let artifact_id = store.post_artifact(artifact_type_id).uri("/foo/bar").execute().await?;

// Creates an execution.
let execution_type_id = store.put_execution_type("Training").execute().await?;
let execution_id = store.post_execution(execution_type_id).execute().await?;

// Links the above execution with the artifact.
store.put_event(execution_id, artifact_id).ty(EventType::Input).execute().await?;

// Gets executions.
let executions = store.get_executions().execute().await?;
assert_eq!(executions.len(), 1);
assert_eq!(executions[0].id, execution_id);


The following features are not supported yet:

  • gRPC client
  • input_type and output_type fields of Execution

The following features are not planned to be supported:

  • gRPC server
  • Database schema migration

ml-metadata References



Metadata definitions.

Builders of GET, PUT and POST requests that will be issued via MetadataStore.


Metadata store.