[][src]Module mio::features

Mio's optional features.

This document describes the available features in Mio.

os-poll (enabled)

Mio by default provides only a shell implementation, that panic!s the moment it is actually run. To run it requires OS support, this is enabled by activating the os-poll feature.

This makes Poll, Registry and Waker functional.

os-util (enabled)

os-util enables additional OS specific facilities. Currently this means the unix module (with SourceFd) becomes available.

Network types

Mio provide three features to enable network types:

  • tcp (enabled) : includes TcpStream and TcpListener,
  • udp (enabled) : includes UdpSocket, and
  • uds (enabled) : includes UnixDatagram, UnixListener, UnixStream and SocketAddr.

All types can be found in the net module.

extra-docs (enabled)

This feature includes additional documentation such as this document and the getting started guide. It adds nothing in terms of types (only documentation).