[][src]Struct minifb::WindowOptions

pub struct WindowOptions {
    pub borderless: bool,
    pub title: bool,
    pub resize: bool,
    pub scale: Scale,
    pub scale_mode: ScaleMode,
    pub topmost: bool,
    pub transparency: bool,

WindowOptions is creation settings for the window. By default the settings are defined for displayng a 32-bit buffer (no scaling of window is possible)


borderless: bool

If the window should be borderless (default: false)

title: bool

If the window should have a title (default: true)

resize: bool

If it should be possible to resize the window (default: false)

scale: Scale

Scale of the window that used in conjunction with update_with_buffer (default: X1)

scale_mode: ScaleMode

Adjust how the scaling of the buffer used with update_with_buffer should be done.

topmost: bool

Should the window be the topmost window (default: false)

transparency: bool

Specifies whether or not the window is allowed to draw transparent pixels (default: false) Requires borderless to be 'true' TODO: Currently not implemented on Windows and OSX

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for WindowOptions[src]

impl Copy for WindowOptions[src]

impl Debug for WindowOptions[src]

impl Default for WindowOptions[src]

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