[][src]Crate mgm

Generic implementation of Multilinear Galous Mode AEAD construction.


use mgm::Mgm;
use kuznyechik::Kuznyechik;
use mgm::aead::{Aead, NewAead, generic_array::GenericArray};

let key = GenericArray::from_slice(b"an example very very secret key.");
let cipher = Mgm::<Kuznyechik>::new(key);;

// 127-bit nonce value, since API has to accept 128 bits, first nonce bit
// MUST be equal to zero, otherwise encryption and decryption will fail
let nonce = GenericArray::from_slice(b"unique nonce val");

// NOTE: handle this error to avoid panics!
let ciphertext = cipher.encrypt(nonce, b"plaintext message".as_ref())
    .expect("encryption failure!");

// NOTE: handle this error to avoid panics!
let plaintext = cipher.decrypt(nonce, ciphertext.as_ref())
    .expect("decryption failure!");

assert_eq!(&plaintext, b"plaintext message");


pub use aead;



Multilinear Galous Mode cipher instance