[][src]Crate metrics_observer_yaml

Observes metrics in YAML format.

Metric scopes are used to provide the hierarchy and indentation of metrics. As an example, for a snapshot with two metrics — server.msgs_received and server.msgs_sent — we would expect to see this output:

  msgs_received: 42
  msgs_sent: 13

If we added another metric — configuration_reloads — we would expect to see:

configuration_reloads: 2
  msgs_received: 42
  msgs_sent: 13

Metrics are sorted alphabetically.


Histograms are rendered with a configurable set of quantiles that are provided when creating an instance of YamlBuilder. They are formatted using human-readable labels when displayed to the user. For example, 0.0 is rendered as "min", 1.0 as "max", and anything in between using the common "pXXX" format i.e. a quantile of 0.5 or percentile of 50 would be p50, a quantile of 0.999 or percentile of 99.9 would be p999, and so on.

All histograms have the sample count of the histogram provided in the output.

connect_time count: 15
connect_time min: 1334
connect_time p50: 1934
connect_time p99: 5330
connect_time max: 139389



Builder for YamlObserver.


Observess metrics in YAML format.